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1) Se podría instalar un portal   si la version lo permite.-
2) Crear  rangos personalizados .-
3) crear foros descriptivos para ir posteando ,,, nuevos temas 

Espero no les moleste 
Atte. un servidor
Sólo Sé Que Nada Sé
NO PUEDO ENVIAR  MP ,,,Esta desabilitado aqui te dejo una captura:

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Sólo Sé Que Nada Sé
listo ahora si se puede Smile
Wise Tips and Tricks For Cell Phone Accessories Shopping
Each strip mall, specialty store, general store you go, remote decoration are looked for after. With a lot of enhancements in plans, value, and nature of these wireless decoration, a regularly expanding number of people can't get enough of getting them. buy mobile database

To help you with narrowing down your request among these enormous scope assembling of PDA ornamentation, underneath are some important hints and hoodwinks when looking:
Since our consistently obligation can from time to time get exceptionally cruel, one of the principle remote lace you should arrange is a cell phone case. There are various choices available, for instance, handcrafted cowhide cases, jam or silicone cases, aluminum metal cases, etc. For included affirmation, you can join a screen protector or screen watch that not simply keeps your phone's screen in remarkable condition, yet likewise diminishes glare.
In case you need versatility, you can incorporate your shopping list a multi-reason cell phone charger, which allows your device to accuse interfacing of an outlet, your vehicle, on the plane by methods for a USB connect. On top of that, some versatile cell phone chargers can alter data and juice up your phone at the same time.
For a working lifestyle, get a cell phone belt catch to have a second access to your device. Holster fastens can moreover be used to associate with your pocket or sack, and use one hand to release your phone. On the off chance that you're by and large getting out and about, grab one of these to have an impeccable blend of structure and value.
How the Internet Helped Me Find Cell Phone Numbers
It's getting extremely difficult to find someone's remote number, whether or not you understand them well. I don't have the foggiest thought regarding my friends' phone numbers any more, that is what my $400 telephone is for haha! buy mobile database

In addition, clearly, my PDA took a plunge one late, late night. Changing my Blackberry into a costly paperweight and sending all my phone numbers to the base of the lake.
I thought I had bolstered up all the phone numbers, yet when I went to investigate a phone numbers in my email, I saw that my overview of numbers was simply half complete. Ugh! What an anguish!
I started calling my colleagues (the numbers I had regardless) mentioning phone numbers. Nevertheless, I could simply find a couple.
Besides, since I live on the edge of the United States and Canada, phonebooks were everything with the exception of futile - especially since 90 percent of my colleagues use PDAs that aren't recorded in phone registries. So for a day or two, I essentially passed on an email to the buddies who's information I had (most by far of my messages sank to the base of the lake also) by then I just gave up and recently believed that people will call me. Some did, anyway even seven days in the wake of pulverizing my phone, I simply had around 66% of my past numbers.

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