by ohrimmri at 04-26-2021, 04:53 AM
Dongguan Evergrows Warehouse Storage Equipment Co., Limited is one of the most professional storage racking system manufactory in China. We specialize in research and development, production, sales and installation of various racking systems, including Radio Shuttle Rack, AS/RS Racks(Automated Storage and Retrieval System),Pallet Racks, Shelving Racks, Drive In Racks, Mezzanine Floors, Cantilever Racks, Pallets, Material Handling Containers and more.
Our company adopts the finite element analysis software of steel structure rack. The overall strength, stiffness and stability of the rack system are calculated. Our pallet racking's components have been carefully calculated to ensure that they meet the requirements of the FEM10.2.02, FEM9.831, AS 4084-2012.
Our factory is located in Dongguan, which is within one hour from Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Shenzhen. Established in 1998, our factory covers an area of around 40,000 square meters, possesses the processing capacity of more than 60,000 tons per year and has more than 20 automatic production lines as well as high-talent management team, professional technicians. We have passed ISO9001:2008 certification in 2004.
Due to our good quality, competitive price, fast delivery and upmost customer services, Our products are sold to many countries all over the world. Include United Kingdom, France, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Cyprus, South Africa, Libya, Australia, United States, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, French Polynesia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and more countries and regions.
Our professional and hardworking sales are waiting for your inquiries seven days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM. All inquiries, 100% of them, will be replied in the shortest time. OEM and customized service is available upon request. Welcome to visit our factory and establish long term business relationship.
Workshop and Factory Facilities:
Our HonorTongueallet Racking Beams
by ohrimmri at 04-26-2021, 04:52 AM
Office paper is most used and frequently in all office supplies, it is indispensable to our daily office, also called culture paper, mainly include writing paper, copy paper, print paper, a4 paper, exercise book paper, notebook paper and offset paper. Office paper is very important for enterprise.According to the quality of office paper, need sizing machine,calendar to improve paper smoothness and glossiness, and control the thickness at a certain degree, pure wood pulp,virgin pulp,virgin wood pulp as raw material,virgin pulp is best.
Usually high-quality office paper, is high white uniformity, vivid color development, and comfortable vision,thickness is divided into 70g, 80g, 85g, etc., the thicker the better;high stiffness, smooth passing machine, continuous printing is not easy to jam paper.Sizing process have three kind:acid sizing,alkaline sizing,neutral sizing;neutral sizing is best.Calender is hard calendering and soft calendering,soft is better.

NO.Equipment nameQuantity(set/sets)
12600mm multi-dryer and fourdrinier office paper making machine1
2Full closed dryer can exhaust hood2
3axial-flow ventilator6
4roots vacuum pulp4
5suction boxAccording to the drawings to match neat
6Air pump2
7Air tank2
8Sizing machine1
9four rolls calender1
10Horizontal pneumatic winding machine1
11Frame type rewinding machine1
12Frequency conversion controlling cabinet1
13work table
Technical Parameter of Office Paper Making Machine:                                                       
1. Raw material: waste paper,wood pulp;                                         
2. Output paper:office paper;
3. Output paper weight:60-120gsm;
4. Net paper width:2600 mm;
5. Fourdrinier wire width: 3100mm;
6. Capacity: 50T鈭旸;
7. Working speed: 180-250 m鈭昺in;
8.Design speed:300m/min;
9. Rail space锛?700mm;
10.Drive way:alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed ,section drive.
Finished Product
Our factory mainly produce toilet paper machine, culture paper machine, kraft paper machine, especially mosquito coil paper making machine and paper processing machine etc. Please provide us the information for the paper machine: raw material you will use,machine capacity per day, paper width, paper weight you require. We will offer you a good quotation.Culture Paper Making Machine for sale
by ohrimmri at 04-26-2021, 04:51 AM
Shenzhen Power Tomorrow Actuator Valve Co., Ltd. is a mechanical and electrical integrated high-tech enterprise.
We are the largest manufacturer of sprinkler timers in China and a manufacturer of Wireless water spray controllers. Exclusive patent qualification, has obtained CE and ISO9001 international quality certification. In addition to the domestic market, products are also exported to other countries and regions, such as the United States, Europe, Australia, Russia and Hong Kong.
With strict and reliable principles and extensive field application experience, we offer the best automation products and solutions in the field of fluid control, such as garden irrigation systems, lawn irrigation systems, indoor plant watering systems.
We have a group of enthusiastic, continuously innovative and high-quality R&D staff to forge ahead, and we promise to provide every customers with better products and more intimate service. Of course, it is an endless challenge to create more and better automatic valve.
Power-Tomorrow is brave and strong enough to face this challenge. We are sure to achieve this aim.
China Union ball valve suppliers
by ohrimmri at 04-26-2021, 04:50 AM
Ji Yuan Stone is located in Quanzhou Fujian, China with a history of more than 20 years. We are the fastest developing stone enterprises in China, which is professional in exporting stone, quarry mining, processing, manufacturing, and project construction. Ji Yuan Stone supplies stone materials from all around the world, currently, we got more than 800 kinds of stones from 30 countries. The material including granite, quartz stone,marble,quartzite,cast marble, slate, sandstone, pebble, travertine, limestone, onyx,cultured marble , wall panel, countertops,basalt,kerbstone,headstone, paving stone, and other stone products for various commercial projects. We are committed to providing the highest level of service possible, excellent product quality with the most competitive pricing to assist our customers with their commercial projects and residential homes. Our products have been exporting to more than 100 countries in America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia, Africa, etc for more than 20 years.Carrara Marble Subway Tile suppliers

by ohrimmri at 04-26-2021, 04:48 AM
Shenzhen Punair Technology Co, Itd is a national high-tech enterprise in China. The company specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing functions of the inverter welding & cutting machines. Punair's Vision is to become the world-class supplier of welding&cutting industry while Punair's Mission is to create, develop and contribute to this industrial market all over the world.
Punair is located in Chinese First Tier City - Shenzhen which delivers a very convenient transportation network access to the world and shares the border with the international famous metropolis - Hong Kong.
The company has expanded its advanced manufacturing facilities to 15,000 square meters in which there serves several mechanized production lines and sufficient sophisticated equipments and devices.
By passing the certification requirements of the ISO9001:2000, the company has well developed full ranges of products which have been certified with the CE, CCC, CSA, SAA certificates by the corresponding authorities.
"Quality&Innovation Make PUNAIR Standing Out of the World" is our core concept. With this underpinning, Punair is striding on the broaden road to pour its continuous contribution in the technology and market as well as to become one of world-class manufacturing suppliers in the welding&cutting industry.
P series, T series Intelligent, Digitalized and LED Display Products Have Historically Detonated their Demand over the Domestic and Foreign Welding and Cutting Industry Markets;and It Not Only Has Substantially Promoted the Development of Inverter Welding Machines but also Has Made Significant Contributions to the Development of National Industry.
Grandly Held the 10th Anniversary Celebration for Punair, Together with the Whole Punair鈥檚 Ecosystem Entities and Relevant Community,Hailing its Slogan of "Gather together, Dream Forward" & Shinning its Core Value of "Inclusive, Perseverant, and Grateful"!
Historically Innovated and Forged out the Intelligent, Digitalized and LED Display Brand-new Products, and Grandly Launched into the Global Market.
In Great Glory, Won the 4th "Blue Dot Award" of Shenzhen Electronics Chamber of Commerce and the Title of "Pioneer Growth Enterprise"
Plunged into New Era of MIG/MAG, and Led to a New Trend of Innovation and Invention of the Industry. Vigorously Increased Investments and Introduced a Fully Automated Advanced SMT Production Line, Which Indicated that the Company Has the Comprehensive Ability to Design, Manufacture and Produce Sophisticated Digital Technology Products.
Sales Turnover Hit Record High in the industry, Marking Punair Has Become a Leading Brand in Certain Field of Market segmentation in the Industry.
In the Direction of Achieving the Mechanization and Automation of Production, Get Started on the Transformation and Upgrade of the Production and Manufacturing System,   Heavily Invested in the Advanced Production Equipment to Build an Advanced Industrial Manufacturing Enterprise.
Invented a Product Innovative Development Direction of Integrating Digital Technology and Advanced Welding Technology, and Created the Product Development Model Featuring with Technology Modulization and Product Standardization, Which Enabled Punair to Generate the Integrated Comparative Competitive Advantage Over the Industry.
Instituted and Set Multi-brand Strategy as the Cornerstone of Company Development Strategies, Which Is the Right Short-cut of Imprinting Punair Brand鈥檚 Image into Users鈥?Minds, and Gradually Forged Punair and Taylai Brands the High-quality Brands Over the Markets.
The Company Won the Honorary Title of "National High-tech Enterprise", Authoritatively Marked Punair鈥檚 Competence and Certified it a Qualified Status and ID of a National High-tech Enterprise.
The Global Launch of the Punair New VI for the Company and the Brand, Together with Brand New Product Outlook, Signalled that Punair Has Raised Up as a New Brand Pioneer in the Industry.
The Historical Invention of the Smallest 5KG MIG /MAG Welding Machine Denotes that Punair Is a Product Innovator in the Industry.
Innovation of Spirit Breaks Through, and Inverter Welding IGBT Technology C Platform Is Invented, which Has Highly Added a Brilliant Shinning to the Development of Technological Innovation in the Industry.
Founded in Shenzhen, China. Great Vision Plants in Our Hearts, Great Power Rises from United Team, Great Journey Sets  Sail
Excellence is about the team who realizes the most peculiar plans into amazing constructions around us. Throughout years' struggles and endeavour, we have successfully equipped and enriched the world with the best welding equipments to impact customers' business across life while we established a global sales network and built hundreds of strategic partnerships with more than 100 countries, from Norway to Argentina, from the United States to Algeria. You can always find PUNAIR welders on the construction sites or in the garages of the local people. Driven by our core values, we have always been making continuous efforts and development to provide a satisfactory answer to the welding industry of the global market.
Punair's Vision Is to Become the World-class Supplier of Welding & Cutting Industry.  MISSION
Punair's Mission Is to Create, Develop and Contribute to the Global Market.  CORE CONCEPT
Quality&Innovation Make PUNAIR Standing Out of the World.
Employees, customers and industry are our power sources, our value is to keep contributing to the employees, customers and industry throughout our continuous development.  BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY
Outstanding Quality, Worldwide Punair  SLOGAN
Punair Welder, Reliable Partner
Punair highly values ecological and environmental protection. Guided by the conviction that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, we advocates harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, and sticks to the path of green and sustainable development.
Since inception, on the base of operating in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, we aspire to achieve the highest business ethics and environmental standards in our cause to become a world-class welding solutions provider as well as an environmental helper.
While fulfilling our environmental duties during production, we also carry out many environmental education for the employees to cultivate the protection concepts, and continue to donate and participate in many welfare activities.  MIG Welding Machine With Separate Structure MIG 270
by ohrimmri at 04-26-2021, 04:47 AM
鈥?Our History
We are engaged in Concrete Pump Parts more than 10 years
鈥?Our Factory
HBYM GROUP is specialized in concrete pump. Business field include: new concrete pump parts and used concrete pump. We have worked in this field more than 10 years. We export goods to Russia, South Korea, America, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, German and India etc. Our aim is superior quality, competitive price and first-class service. We supply spare parts for Putzmeister Pump, Schwing Pump, Zoomlion Pump, CIFA Pump, Kyokuto Pump, etc.
鈼?Factory Location: Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China
鈼?Application: PM, Schwing, Sany, Zoomlion, XCMG etc.
鈼?Spare parts include: twin wall pipe (DN125*3000mm), twin wall elbow, wear plate and ring,conveying cylinder, rubber piston, forged clamp, S valve, rubber hose etc.
鈥?Our Product
Concrete pump spare parts: twin wall pipe (DN125*3000mm), twin wall elbow, wear plate and ring, conveying cylinder, rubber piston, forged clamp, S valve etc.
鈥?Product Application
Putzmeister Pump, Schwing Pump, Zoomlion Pump, CIFA Pump, Kyokuto Pump etc.
鈥?Our Exhibition
2014 Bauma China Fair, 2016 Bauma China Fair, 2017 EXCON India Fair, 2018 Bauma China Fair, 2019 Bauma Germany Fair.
鈥?Production Market
Business market is mainly in North America, Eastern Europe, Asia, Mid East, Western Europe and Domestic Market.
鈥?Our Service
1. Products keep in stock
2. Best Quality, Lowest Price
3. Support producing as drawingRubber Piston for Putzmeister price
by ohrimmri at 04-26-2021, 04:46 AM
304 is a relatively versatile stainless steel, which is widely used to make equipment and parts that require good comprehensive performance (corrosion resistance and formability).
304 stainless steel is a grade of stainless steel produced in accordance with the American ASTM standard. 304 is equivalent to our country's 0Cr19Ni9 (0Cr18Ni9) stainless steel. 304 contains 19% chromium and 9% nickel. 304 is widely used stainless steel and heat-resistant steel. Used in food production equipment, Xitong chemical equipment, nuclear energy, etc.
Common types锛?
1. Flat welding flange
2. Butt welding flange
3. Socket welding flange
4. Threaded flange
5. Loose flange
6. Special flange
7. Reducing flange
8. Full plane flange
9. Convex flange
10. Concave and convex flange
11. Tongue and groove flange
12. Ring connecting surface stainless steel flange
13. Stainless steel flange cover
Product name 304 Stainless Steel Flange
Technique Cold Rolled/ Hot Rolled
Surface BA/2B/NO.1/NO.3/Customized
Material 304 304L
Color Natural Color
Shape Stainless Steel Flange
Edge Customized Edge
Surface finish 2B/BA/HAIRLINE/8K/NO.4/No.1
MOQ 1 Ton
Package Standard Sea-worthy Packing
Q1: Can I get some samples?
A: Yes, we can supply samples.
Q2: Do you receive customized order?
A: Yes, ODM & OEM are welcomed.
Q3: What's the lead time锛?
A: Around 15 days. China Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings factory
by ohrimmri at 04-26-2021, 04:44 AM
Product Features:
(1) The machine body structure adopt cast iron, the rigidity is good, not easy to be deformed, to make sure the machine鈥檚 stability.
(2) Well compatibility: compatible for software CAD/CAM, such as type3 /artcam / JDPaint etc.
(3) Heavy loading, non-deformation, adopting imported double nut screw to ensure the engraving speed. Adopting Taiwan鈥檚 high-precision square linear guide, effectively imported the precision of carving.
(4) Adopt high-speed water cooling motor with invariably power, big torque,strong cutting, high-frequency and long-life.
(5) Available for continuous work for a long time.
Product parameter
X,Y,Z working area600*900*200mm
Machine frameCast iron
Spindle power2.2 KW water cooling (3.0kw optional)
X,Y,Z traveling positioning accuracy0.015mm
Machine tableVacuum table
X,Y,Z railHIWIN linear guide rail
X,Y,Z transmissionHigh precision ball screw transmission
Spindle speed0-24000 rpm
Drive motorsLeadshine stepper motor and driver
Control systemDSP (Mach 3 optional)
Command LanguageG code
Computer interfaceEthernet or USB
VoltageAC 220V/50-60Hz or AC 110V/50-60Hz
Product application
Wood furniture industry: Doors, cabinets, tables, chairs, wave plate, fine pattern, antique furniture, wooden door, screen, craft sash, composite gates, cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards and so on.
Advertising industry:Signage, logo, badges, display board, meeting sign board, billboard advertising filed, sign making, acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making, blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.
Die industry: Sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as artificial marble, sand , plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, and other non-metallic mold.
Artwork and decoration:Wood crafts, gift box, jewelry box
Product details
(1) Rotary axis, could mark on round material
(2) DSP control system
RichAuto DSP control system support XYZ driver, spindle inverter processing error alarm prompt function.Large storage space, strong compatibility with U disk, fast reading speed and more reliable U disk processing, With parameter backup and recovery functions, effectively preventing important parameter loss.
(2)2.2 KW water cooling spindle
3 axis cnc router comes standard with 2.2kw water cooling spindle, high precision chuck nut , high quality body material. Fully programmable speeds from 6000-24000 RPM
(3)X Y Z axis TBI ball screw transmission and HIWIN square rail
The HIWIN square rail is with higher stability and rigidity, which makes the gantry moving and spindle moving at high speed with high precision. And TBI ball screw with high quality , makes it high precision.
(4) Tool sensor
Tool sensor allows for easy and accurate 鈥淶鈥?zero position for single and multiple tool changes through the program.
(5) Oil lubrication system
The machine comes the whole lubrication system to make sure all the transmission system will be well lubricated, which will make the machine service life longer.
(6) Vacuum table
4 axis wood cnc router has 1 inch thick phenolic vacuum table surface mounted onto the steel base frame, keeping a rigid and consistent platform for your sheets and parts to be supported.
(7) Vacuum pump
The use of special blade design, the blade manufacturing accuracy is high, wear resistance, high wind, long service life
Packing & Shipping
Step1: pack the machine with plastic wrap for cleaning and damp proofing
Step2: Put the machine in the plywood case for safety
Step3: transport the machine into the container
Our company
      Jinan Precision CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of laser machine and CNC machine. We specialize in manufacturing CNC routers, laser engraving/cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, laser welding machines and laser marking machines. Our products are widely used in various industries such as arts and crafts processing, advertising, clothing, model- and printed-hectograph making, jewelries, auto parts, packing materials, woodworking and stone working.
    We have established several branches and agents throughout our country. Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions, such as Korea, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, West Europe and Southeast Asia. We have obtained CE and FDA certifications. And each machine will be tested before launching to keep absolute safety. We will offer two-years guarantee for the machines. Because of the advanced management and strict rules of the production, there is zero complaint from our customers, and we will continue to consummate our team.
    High quality is our eternal pursuit. "Customer first, Credibility first" is our consistent pursuit with supreme faith. We have a complete service network and a top-grade service team. Our service ways and means are Omni-directional, multi-level and high-efficiency, which guarantee the effective and reliable responses to customers in the shortest time.
Precision CNC has been providing key technology and pertinent integrated solutions for Industry 4.0 and future factories, helping enterprises to carry out intelligent manufacturing, making intelligent manufacturing to change our work within touch.Hobby Cnc Router price
by ohrimmri at 04-26-2021, 04:43 AM
About Us
Progarments China Ltd. is one of the most professional swimwear manufacturers in China since 2010. We are located in Anhui Province which close to the Shanghai and Ningbo port. In recent years, we have built a reputation as one of China鈥檚 best swimwear manufacturers. We have about 450 skilled veteran workers and stable production lines to make sure the mass production. With more than 10 years of experience, our design and production team are maturer and we have passed BSCI and WRAP certification. We are growing steadily in a better direction. The reason why we can achieve such excellent results is inseparable from the hard work of all our staff. Here, we have a perfect working system, excellent design team, and good after-sales service. With the belief that credit and quality are the life of our enterprise, we always offer our customer the products with most competitive price, best quality, and our excellent services.
Our swimwear products are exported to more than 50 countries in the world. While cooperating with high-end brands, we also provide OEM and ODM services for small and medium-sized enterprises. We have low MOQs start where you are and grow with you. We offer custom design, make your designs from scratch, or a private label / wholesale if you want to just pick designs & add your swimwear label. Easy for Progarments. During the process, our production manager will follow up to finalize the detail until delivery and we will constantly improve the after-sales service. Many of our products are very popular with customers, and we have established cooperation with many famous brands, such as MCCARTNEY, OTTO, HAPPY SOCKS, ROHNISCH.
Please be assured that Progarments is your reliable partner as a professional swimwear manufacturer. We do hope there is an opportunity for us to collaborate with each other in the coming days. Please don鈥檛 hesitate to call us whenever you want. We are willing to explore every possibility for new business.
Company Advantages
Enterprise Development
Progarment China Ltd. specializes in swimwear & yoga wear & fitness with more than 10 years of experience. We exported products around the world and enjoy great popularity. Members of our enterprise are kept learning and accumulating experience, dedicated to providing the first-rate service.
Team Profile
Progarment China Ltd. is made up of a solid team, which provides professional assistance to your products. We have an excellent design and production team to offer OEM&ODM services and QC team to inspect and make sure the quality of products. The merchandisers and after-sale team offer timely and efficient service to customers.
Enterprise Certification
Progarments China Ltd. is located in Hefei city, Anhui province. It has around 450 workers in factory, annual production capacity of over 3 million pieces. Besides, we have passed BSCI and WRAP certification, and you can rest assured to purchase.
Customer Service
Progarments China Ltd. is seeking for the chance to cooperate with more and more customers. If you have any purchasing requirements, please contact us. We will reply as soon as possible and try our best for you.custom Women's Swim
by straitortho at 04-25-2021, 10:59 AM
Make friends with other fans of video games through the Internet. Video games were commonly enjoyed alone in the past but you can now mix socialization into your gaming experience. There are many great resources to chat with other gamers online, especially in video game forums found online.Video gaming can enhance our lives in so many interesting ways. Game play can improve your athletic reflexes, GPA or even your ability to put together an amazing feast for the family   baccaratพนัน!
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