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China Smart Board For Classroom manufacturers
Education finger touching whiteboard
Yukun's finger touch electronic whiteboard is a product with two major features: finger touch and portability. It can turn any projection area or ordinary LCD screen into finger touch. Compared with the traditional electronic whiteboard, it has great advantages: it is portable and supports finger touch; it can recognize not only the fingers, but also any opaque objects; there is no requirement for the board surface, and any plane can be transformed into an interactive area; interactive area Unlimited, self-adjustable according to needs, can be used with ordinary whiteboards, on the same whiteboard, it can not only realize the function of electronic whiteboard, but also keep the pen writing handwriting.
LCDsize 55mm/65mm/75mm/86mm/100mm
Screen type LCD screen
Brand Yukun
Backlight type led
Display area 2203.2(W)脳1239.3(H)mm
Resolution 3840脳2160 (FHD)
brightness 400cd/銕?/p>Compared1200锔?
Response time 7msfrequency60HZ
Color gamut 60锛匩TSC锛圕IE1931锛?/p>
Perspective 89/89/89/89锛圡in.锛?CR鈮?0)
Service life 鈮?0000H
Windows system
System propertiesCPU architecture (optional) 1900 i3/i5/i7 (optional)
Running memory 4G/8G DDR3 (optional)
Hard disk storage 128G/240G SSD (500G HDD optional)
System Support Windows XP, Windows 7/8, Windows 10
Graphics card type Intel HD3000
Network support Support wired/WiFi/3G 4G access (optional)
interface HDMI, VGA脳1 sync output/USB2.0脳2/RJ45脳1/headphone audio output
Bluetooth Support Bluetooth function
System propertieschip MSD648
system version Android6.0
CPU architecture A53脳4 1.5G銕?/p>
CPU operating frequency 1.5G銕?/p>
CPU core number Quad core
GPU Dual-core Mali-720MP MP2
Internal cache capacity (RAM) 1.5G DDR4
Internal storage capacity (ROM) 16 GB
Input portTV-RP Support IEC header, 75 ohm
YPBPR input 1脳headphone terminal (black)
CVBS video input 1脳Three-in-one terminal (black)
PC-RGB input 1脳D-SUB 15Pin terminal (black)
PC-RGB audio input 1脳headphone terminal (black)
HDMI 2 HDMI terminals
TF 1脳TF card slot
USB 2脳Horizontal double-layer USB2.0 terminal
RJ45 1脳Network port terminal input
Output portHeadphone sound output 1脳headphone terminal (black)
CVBS video output 1脳headphone terminal (black)
Network featuresBrowser UCWeb, Google and other browsers
network platform The system supports LAN, Internet, dedicated network, ADSL, 3G, 4G, wifi
Online entertainment Support online video, TV, movie, music, radio
Stand-alone function Support the direct import of the produced program to the memory card for playback under network abnormalities
http Support regular download and support download breakpoint resume, and bandwidth control for each terminal
Scalability As many as 10,000 excellent software downloads in the Android market
Environmental factorOperating temperature 0鈩儈50鈩?/p>
Working humidity 20%~80% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature -20%~60%
Storage humidity 10%~90% (non-condensing)
OtherQuality standard ISO9001
Environmental standards Comply with international environmental protection standards
Power management Compliant with VESA DPMS standard
Picture Viewer Support JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and other image format browsing/slide show, up to 4096*4096 resolution
Text reading Support TXT, PDF, HTML, HTM, CHM,
Mechanismnet weight UMD, running water subtitles
Gross weight 52 kg
Bare machine size (length 脳 width 脳 height) 75 kg
Package Size 2430 (H) 脳 1470 (width) 脳 240 (depth) mm
Shell packaging Aluminum alloy/metal plate
Shell color black
Switching power supply AC100-240V~(锛?-10锛?,50/60HZ
Power connector Medium regulations 220V two-phase three-wire system
Whole machine power consumption 488V
Standby power consumption 1W
Product manual 脳1
power cable 脳1
Warranty card, certificate of conformity 脳1
Touch pen 脳2
WiFi Double system脳6/single system
Wall-mounted + wall-mounted screws 脳1
Product picture reference (the style can be customized)
Product introduction
1. Integration: Integrated design, highly integrated multimedia equipment such as electronic whiteboard, short-focus projection, power amplifier, audio, computer, video booth, central control, wireless headset, cable TV, etc., without electronic platform, no integrated wiring, and no occupation Space, the classroom has since become more spacious and bright.
2. Economical: According to the actual characteristics of basic education and teaching, only one device can meet all the needs of modern multimedia teaching, completely replacing the traditional three-machine one-scene, flat-screen TV, LCD TV and other teaching modes, and it is in use In terms of cost, it is more economical than the above-mentioned equipment, and it is a new type of multimedia teaching equipment that all schools can afford and use.
3. Practicability: This equipment fully embodies the new characteristics of resource sharing, solves the problem of low utilization of teaching equipment or insufficient equipment, and realizes electronic lesson preparation, multimedia teaching, blackboard and screen annotation, text input, handwriting recognition, and provides A variety of auxiliary teaching tools, display, annotate or save physical objects, play multimedia audio and video courseware, watch TV teaching and many other functions. The electronic whiteboard software comes with an open and powerful teaching resource library, classified by subject, and can be added independently. Teachers can pick up the courseware and materials needed for lesson preparation and class, making lesson preparation and teaching easier and more efficient.
4. Interactivity: The equipment creates a new type of interactive teaching demonstration environment, better realizes teacher-student interaction and human-computer interaction, and fully integrates modern information technology into the teaching process of various disciplines, greatly improving In order to provide students with unprecedented interactive participation in the classroom, the teaching is interactive, flexible and interesting.
5. Convenience: One-button switch, open and use, that is, one-button simultaneously open or close the information processing unit, interactive display unit (with shutdown delay function), control unit, speaker unit, etc., convenient operation, easy to use and easy to learn. The cavity has independent sub-assembly components, and the original front opening structure design, which is convenient and quick to install and maintain
6. Safety: The integrated structure of the built-in power supply is used. One power input can supply power to each functional unit of the integrated machine. It is anti-radiation, anti-shock and anti-leakage, ensuring the safe use of users.
7. Reliability: The interactive electronic whiteboard in the interactive display unit adopts electromagnetic induction technology, which is sensitive in sensing, smooth writing, PET environmental protection material, dustproof, anti-impact, anti-scratch, etc., especially suitable for the current classroom environment in our country. Other types of writing display terminals have high stability, strong reliability and long product life.
8. Extensibility: The device has multiple interfaces such as VGA input and USB, which can be connected to the Internet and synchronize with the world. The information processing unit has its own wireless network module, which can be connected with the student information processing unit to realize the synchronous interaction between the all-in-one machine and the student PC.
9. Customization: Customize as needed to meet the differentiated needs of users. In the interactive display unit, users can choose interactive whiteboards of different sizes according to their own needs. In terms of installation methods, users can choose a variety of modes such as wall-mounted, embedded, and bracket.
Training courses, early childhood education, exhibitions, company meetings.
Q: When did your factory established?
A: Since 2020
Q: What is your main market?
A: Europe, The North America, South America, Australia, The middle east, and etc.
Q: How many workers in your factory?
A: 50 workers.China Smart Board For Classroom manufacturers

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